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Disengage the weakening mirror, Cradle the optic mind

Release the ocean

Shower your shoulders with strength

Increase your connection to the magnificent,
Effect your potential with Honor

Embrace this walk "Front and Center"

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The Synergy Company w Circle of Health

The overall platform of having good faith, integrity and environmental responsibility at the forefront of their inner workings, makes it a no-brainer to support The Synergy Company. Also, their Vita Synergy Vitamins and Pure Synergy Superfood are the perfect combination for keeping me focused, energetic and balanced, no matter how intense my daily activities become.

These products are a must-have if you're ready to authentically engage your mind, body and soul for your new journey of living front and center.

Health & Wellness Tip w Cleanse Your Body

Now, I always say that we can wish and desire as much and as big as we want to, but, at the end of the day, if we don't create a solid foundation for our ultimate life, we will end up with faulty creations. And no foundation can ever remain solid if it’s laid on top of years of built up garbage.

This is why this new health tip to me is the crème-de-la-crème, choice for rebooting your life, so you can launch yourself into new found freedom, strength and fulfillment.

The tip is...CLEANSE YOUR BODY! And when I say cleanse I mean your inner workings. Specifically your colon and your liver, and, if you can work in your kidneys and spleen that's even better.

One of my favorite ways to do this is with The Master Cleanse - aka the Lemonade Diet. It consists of fresh squeezed Lemon or Lime Juice, Cayenne Pepper and Grade B Maple Syrup, along with daily herbal tea and a flush of salt water. This detox is all about completely removing toxins from the body, so it can have healthy cycles and start anew again.

The ingredients of The Master Cleanse diet are:

  • Two tablespoons of the lemon or lime juice: to pull out the flow obstructing mucous from your body.

  • Two tablespoons of the genuine Grade B Maple Syrup, which provides the body with necessary nutrients, like calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, vitamin b, potassium, and lots of different minerals. They all support the body as the toxins are being released. The minerals are also extremely necessary for muscle function, which includes the mind. The minds got to be strong as it's taking on a new journey).

  • A pinch of the Cayenne Pepper, also known as Chili, which is good for promoting healthy blood circulation in the body.

  • Eight ounces of Water: which the body always needs in order to flush and get right.

  • Mix it all together; have at least 8 drinks a day, (which is equivalent to 1 gallon). Do this for 10 days and you've not only purged the bad stuff that's in the way of your body's natural functioning flow, you've also disciplined your mind to accept the beginning of you authentically living front and center.

Enjoy…and Live Strong!

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