Amnesia of the past a work in progress

Disengage the weakening mirror, Cradle the optic mind

Release the ocean

Shower your shoulders with strength

Increase your connection to the magnificent,
Effect your potential with Honor

Embrace this walk "Front and Center"

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Front & Center — How I Learned To Live There (Softcover)
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“A well-written autobiography with elements of self-help, a healthy dose of spirituality and plenty of talk about his professional years with Madonna. A highly recommended read for gay men! Get a copy of this award-winning book!”
USA Book News

"Carlton Wilborn, in his power work, Front and Center- How I Learned To Live There, explores the possibilities of living and operating from a place of rigorous authenticity. He shares from a place of liberation as he teaches us how to view our past, affirm our present (Now) and claim the infinite possibilities of the future. Wilborn shares with us “Front and Center”, and How He Learned to Live There."
Jeffrey King
Founder, Executive Director,
In The Meantime Men’s Group, Inc.

"Carlton Wilborn has written a powerful and uninhibited memoir in the pages of Front and Center: How I Learned To Live There. As a well known public figure onstage with superstar Madonna to various major motion pictures, the public has never been privy to the tortured soul masked behind the public persona until now. This is one man's journey towards healing, spiritual growth, and authenticity. Carlton Wilborn is a living vessel of the words found herein and an example of what can happen when you choose life regardless of your circumstances. There are many lessons to be learned from Carlton and I couldn't stop turning the pages."
Darian Aaron
Staff Writer CLIK Magazine

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