Amnesia of the past a work in progress

Disengage the weakening mirror, Cradle the optic mind

Release the ocean

Shower your shoulders with strength

Increase your connection to the magnificent,
Effect your potential with Honor

Embrace this walk "Front and Center"

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Books & Ringtones

I AM Empowered Cover

I AM Empowered (Softcover)                                                                  
If you are serious about proving the vastness of your potential, and are ready to use a comprehensive and innovative strategy to take your self-awareness and succeeding to the next level, then this I AM Empowered mind, body and spirit, personal transformation program is for you. This teaching system was inspired by Carlton Wilborn’s award-winning autobiography, Front & Center — How I Learned To Live There, and is founded on 8 Principles and includes a series of Q&A, Accountability and Movement exercises, Bible verses, Poetry, Affirmations, Meditations and Journaling processes to help you access the subtler compartments of your soul, cultivate your ability to apply Carlton’s game-changer concepts, and strengthen your allowing of new possibilities for your prospering. Yes, fasten your seat belt, because this book will shatter your old mind-sets, and put you on a path of radical clarity, confidence and excitement.

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Front & Center — How I Learned To Live There (Softcover)         

"Award-Winner in the Autobiography and Memoir category of the
USA Book News 2007 Awards"
FRONT & CENTER is an emotional and poignant journey through Wilborn’s life and career, which began as a principal dancer for Chicago’s prestigious Hubbard Street Dance Company. In the book, Wilborn recounts his behind-the-scenes experiences in Hollywood, as well as his various tours with Madonna. (Excerpt / Reviews)
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A Call For The Warriors (CD)                                                     
6.99 - $9.99

This distinct creation is a hybrid of contemporary and multi-cultural sounds and rhythms, fused with poetry and song. Its rich intensity and theatrical flaire will transport you in to a world, that is sewn seamlessly to the soul of Carlton Wilborn.

Yes, may all hearts be stirred. It's time for the Freedom Fighters!
(Excerpts / Reviews)

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These "Consciousness is Calling" ringtone selections are straight from my "A Call for the Warriors" album, and they are the perfect inspirational companion for your phone, as you journey through your daily affairs. Their affirmative messages address the themes of Self-Honor, Faith, Fearlessness and Gratitude. Enjoy one of them or several, and experience a new dimension of freedom, courage and healing for your life. Yes, may you forever Have Fun and Live Large!
  The only way up is to face it
Step into your power
The stairway to love
We are the gifts
Find your faith don't let it go
What is in you can take you further
There is an anointing rising
This code of gratitude

"Consciousness is Calling" Ringtones are .99˘ each and are e-mailed within 48 hours of purchase.

SPECIAL OFFER: Get all 8 "Consciousness is Calling" ringtones for $5.99   

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